A natural gas company that supplies 118 customers in Southington Township is up for sale according to its operators as regulators order the business to shut down.

One day after One Source Energy LLC announced it is in negotiations with other gas companies to to sell the company, the Public Utilities Commission of Ohio issued a shut down order..

It was just last month that the PUCO announced that  One Source Energy LLC, has not been following state laws and needed another company to come in and take over.

The PUCO on Thursday ordered One Source to shut down on September 6 for failing to pay fines and come into compliance by an August by Thursday's deadline.

PUCO officials said One Source Energy lacks the managerial, technical and financial resources necessary to safely operate a natural gas utility, and is likely operating in violation of state and federal gas pipeline safety standards.

One Source was fined $25,000 fined for failing to comply with a previous commission order to stop enrolling new customers. 

The PUCO said the utility failed to acknowledge or correct alleged violations resulting from two PUCO safety inspections, and failed to appear at PUCO hearings.

They also directed the Ohio Attorney General to seek a court order to compel the company to comply.

In 2016, One Source filed an application with the PUCO to be certified as a natural gas distribution company.

However, in 2017, PUCO staff filed its review of the company’s application and noted the utility was providing service to customers without the Commission’s authority, and the certification application was incomplete.

Another year later in 2018, Once Source officials failed to comply with subpoenas to appear for depositions and provide testimony regarding its operations, according to PUCO officials. 

Then, this year, PUCO staff updated its recommendation indicating One Source continued to fail to comply with requests for information or reply to multiple notices that the company violated gas pipeline safety rules.

Customers with questions about their utility service can reach the PUCO Call Center online at PUCO.Ohio.gov or by calling (800) 686-7826.