In less than a week, the state's largest county fair will be in full swing.

But just how safe is the Canfield Fair in light of recent mass shootings at public events and gatherings in Dayton and El Paso?

21 News went in search of answers.

On any given day during the Canfield Fair, there could be 50,000 to 100,000 people on the fairgrounds, including families with young children.

That's why those who put on the fair say precautions are in place to keep you safe during such a large and public event.

Workers were on the Canfield Fairgrounds are already setting up rides and food stands, but the safety and security of fairgoers is always front of mind for those who put on the fair.

George Roman, Canfield Fair director of concessions and grandstand entertainment, said, "The whole fairgrounds is under surveillance 24/7. From now until the end of the fair and a few days after, just to make sure everybody takes the right trailer home."

The Canfield Fair has its own police force of approximately 200 commissioned and trained officers from other law enforcement agencies in the area, and that includes officers who have retired from other departments.

"We have uniformed and plainclothes officers, so you just never know who you're going to be standing beside," Roman said.

The Mahoning County Sheriff's Department also has deputies on site, and the Ohio State Highway Patrol and the Canfield Police Department can respond at a moment's notice.

But what the fair doesn't have is metal detectors -- to check every person and their bags as they enter the grounds.

"We've thought about it over the past years, but it's cost-prohibitive for the amount of entrances that we have, and to get the people in efficiently.  It would hinder them from doing that, and the process would get back up quite a ways," Roman said.

While the fair doesn't have metal detectors at its entrances, they do have several security officers.  And it's clear that you have to turn in any weapons when you enter the fairgrounds unless you have a CCW permit.

If officers do request that you check your belongings and you don't comply, you will be turned away and not allowed to enter the fairgrounds for the safety of everyone.