In light of some national and local active shooter threats and events, city leaders in Youngstown are looking at ways to beef up security inside city hall.

Thursday, Council's Safety Committee met with the city's police chief. Chief Robin Lees told members that a few years ago, recommendations were made to secure all city buildings better. However, he says those recommendations fell by the wayside; likely because of cost. 

"How do you put a dollar to someone's life? I mean seriously," asked Councilwoman Anita Davis. "The cost. How do you put a dollar sign on that? I mean, what's your life worth? What's my life worth? A couple of thousand dollars? If we have to put five, ten-thousand dollars to make this place secure, twenty-thousand dollars, we buy police cars at that rate."

The safety committee plans to revisit some of the previously recommended measures. They also asked the chief to schedule active-shooter response training for city hall employees.