Crash investigators say Jessica Dalton could be dead if she wasn't wearing her seatbelt.

Back in May, Dalton was involved in a crash on state route 11 in Canfield township. She was the only one in her vehicle and when EMS arrived on the scene she was stationary in her seat.

Almost three months later, she received the saved by the belt award from Canfield Ohio State Highway Patrol. 

OSP trooper Dan Deluca says that wearing a seatbelt makes all the difference.

"It's a simple decision you make when you get in the car I know everybody is in a rush everybody is concerned with what's going on on their phone and around them all you need to do is take one second and buckle up it really makes a difference and this case is a great example of that," said Dan Deluca Ohio State Highway Patrol trooper. 

In 2018, there were 425 fatal crashes in Ohio where people were not wearing their seatbelts.