Valley Congressman and presidential candidate Tim Ryan is calling for a climate debate in Youngstown.

Ryan sent a release on Saturday inviting other candidates to Northeast Ohio to have a debate in front of an audience from industrial belt communities who he says want to know how climate change and green energy plans could impact them.

He wants the debate to be in front of steelworkers, miners, and others who Ryan says would benefit from a green economy.

Ryan's call comes after the Democratic National Committee voted against having single-issue debates, which includes the issue of climate change. 

"It's truly a disappointment that the DNC denied our party the opportunity to show America that a strong agenda that reverses climate change means high paying manufacturing jobs for American union workers and solid profits for American farmers," Ryan wrote in the release.

Ryan continued saying, "Voters deserve a chance to know that we take this issue seriously and are going to be very proactive in reversing climate change, unlike the current administration."