Police say 43-year-old Keith Burley, Jr. stabbed an eight-year-old boy to death in union township in July.

Burley had already served time for a different murder; in fact, he had only been out on parole for three months.

That's why State Representative Aaron Bernstine plans to introduce legislation to change parole rules.

"Too many violent offenders, once they've committed violent acts in prison, are being released at their minimum. Our legislation changes that and ensures we are keeping violent criminal behind bars," Bernstine said.

"What has their conduct been while they've been incarcerated? If you have someone with a violent past that landed them in incarceration, and then they've had multiple incidents, I believe in the secretary's report; they cited 27 incidents of misconduct committed by Burley. We should be taking those in consideration when making a parole determination," said Lawrence County District Attorney, Joshua Lamancusa.

The legislation would require a 24-month postponement of a violent inmate's parole following the minimum release date for each violent offense a prisoner made while incarcerated. That postponement would be 12 months if the inmate made an escape attempt, smuggled contraband or intimidated a witness.

Representative Bernstine hopes the new legislation can be passed through Harrisburg and signed by the governor by the end of the year so the law can take effect in 2020.