A local Pizza Hut location is serving up a fresh slice of nostalgia.

Warren's Elm Road location underwent a transformation, complete with classic logos, checkered tablecloths, and Tiffany-style lamps.

They have also added a few unique menu items.

"We are pleased to open our first Pizza Hut Classic in Warren. We want people to enjoy our pizza and other menu items they've come to know and love," noted Carol Feret Magazzeni, Director of Marketing and Public Relations for the locally owned and operated Pizza Hut. "The setting inside the Pizza Hut Classic will make the perfect backdrop for nights out, family meals, and any kind of celebration." 

Pizza Hut has been on Elm Road since September 7, 1987.

"What attracted us to the Classic concept is the ability to bring people together over food people love. We really wanted the space to emphasize the feeling of community that comes from sharing pizza," said Dan Wright, Executive Vice President. "The Warren community has always embraced their Pizza Hut at events, fundraisers and even at the county fair, and we couldn't be more thrilled to offer this new experience to our loyal customers."

Pizza Hut opens at 11 a.m. daily.