As contract negotiations between General Motors and the UAW continue into Sunday after their contract expired, hundreds of workers decided to walk off the job. 

More than 850 workers in Ohio and Michigan left their posts over better wages, health care, and retirement, according to a press release from the UAW.

“We have UAW members who work long, hard hours and are still on public assistance,” said Gerald Kariem, Director of UAW Region 1D. “It’s shameful.”

Aramark maintenance workers in Hamtramck, Warren, Flint, Grand Blanc and Parma, Ohio have been working on an extended contract since March of 2018.

Key issues involve wages, caps on health insurance, vacation time, and 401k retirement.

UAW Vice President Terry Dittes said in a letter sent to members Saturday that no decisions or actions will be made until the International Executive Board and the UAW-GM National Council meet Sunday morning. 

“Every day, UAW members go to work and keep these plants profitable,” said UAW Region 1 Director Frank Stuglin. “It’s astounding that Aramark has not agreed to bargain in good faith over their contributions.”

UAW Region 2B Director Rich Rankin said UAW members have been working on contract extensions far too long.

“Every day, these UAW members play a crucial role in keeping these plants operating. Aramark needs to provide these workers with fair wages and benefits," he said.