A Youngstown man with a "parental advisory" label tattoed on his face is in jail after he allegedly bit and choked a woman in her home.

Daniel Uncapher, 27, was arrested on charges of kidnapping, assault, and obstruction early Friday morning.

Police were called to the 1800 block of Oak Hill Avenue around 1:20 a.m., where the victim had invited Uncapher to her home.

When Uncapher arrived, he allegedly smelled of alcohol and shortly after he erupted into a tirade after dropping a bottle.

The woman told police that Uncapher cornered and began biting her leg and choking her.

According to reports, Unchpher refused to let the victim go and began to bite her cheek and ear.

The victim was able to escape saying she had to take care of her children, where she was able to hide and call the police.

Police observed red marks in the shape of a hand on the victim's neck and bite marks on her face.

Police say Uncapher threatened to kill the woman once he was released from jail.