Friday night the Youngstown Press Club hosted an event featuring U.S. Senator Sherrod Brown and his Pulitzer Prize-winning wife, Connie Schultz. 
The first question raised focused on calls for President Trump's impeachment and a recent whistleblower report.
"When you read the report there is nothing but concern for our country," said Brown.
"I would like to point out that so little of this couldn't have happened had journalists not been doing their job," said Schultz.
Brown also commented on his decision not to run for the White House. He said he doesn't know yet who he'll vote for, but did weigh in on the pool of current Democratic candidates.
"I'm surprised Cory Booker hasn't done better. I'm a little surprised Kamala Harris hasn't stayed a little more afloat," said Brown.
Schultz encouraged those in attendance to be open to the idea that perhaps the next president isn't a white male.
"When someone says someone isn't "electable," I ask that you push back and ask them what specifically about this person isn't electable? And if it's about gender, I hope you will encourage them to think beyond the limitations of their mind in that," said Schultz.
The couple also shared their thoughts on Youngstown and the Valley.
"You will never hear my say "Rust Belt" ever because I think that demeans and diminishes us," said Brown.
"It casts us as always the underdog and essentially used up," said Schultz.
A narrative they say they hope changes for the valley and communities like us around the country.