A couple living on Warren's Northeast Side told police that they were robbed by two armed intruders, one of whom pistol-whipped one of the victims.

A 28-year-old man and a 30-year-old woman told officers they were in the upstairs bedroom of their Olive Street NE home early Tuesday when they were awakened by two people standing over them.

According to the police report, the two intruders ordered the couple to turn over all their money and struck the man over the head with a gun.

The male said he turned over the few dollars he had in his pocket and about $400 from the woman's purse.

Soon after the men ordered the couple to go downstairs, they heard a siren. That's when the intruders left the house and ran away through some back yards.

One suspect was described as a dark-skinned male, about 5' 8” with a thin build. He was wearing a black and white matching sweatsuit and carrying a pink and grey semiautomatic handgun.

The second suspect is a light-skinned male, about 5' 8”. He was wearing a dark hoodie, blue or black jeans and sneakers with a green pattern on his sneakers. He was carrying a dark-colored semiautomatic handgun.

The police report says the man who was struck with the gun suffered minor injuries.