The latest initiative to connect industrial and technology-based businesses with the talent they need, launched today statewide.

In recognition of that, Lieutenant Governor Jon Husted made a stop at Kiraly Tool & Die in Youngstown, a business that produces custom fabrication and machine work.

"Through TechCred, you can take someone that is the right kind of employee but maybe doesn't have the right type of technical skills and you can enroll them in a training program, and the state will pay up to $2,000 to earning that credential," Husted said.

The enrollment program was created by the state of Ohio to help even the gap between jobs, in a number of different sectors, that are being created and employees able to fill those jobs.

"They are in health care, they are in manufacturing, they are in tech anything where there is an employer that has an in-demand skill," adds Husted.

Kiraly Tool & Die says they are continually updating their machines to fill a void. And as a result, their employment numbers have risen from just 12 employees in 2014 to now 22 employees.

And with technology ever-evolving, Kiraly already has a plan in place to allow its employees to update their skills continually.

"One thing that we are doing is we stay healthy invested in our apprenticeship programs. That's getting most of our newer workforce skilled up to be industry standard," says Kyle Kiraly, a controller with Kiraly Tool & Die.

More information on how to apply for the program and what credentials are eligible can be found by this link to the TechCred website,