In Berlin Center on Thursday night, there was a first-of-its-kind event for the area that brought awareness to veteran suicides in a different way. 
Underneath the stadium lights, the Western Reserve High School Marching Band played the National Anthem, and military planes flew over as a way to kick of a 2.2-mile walk around the high school track.
"Welcome home. Get the help you need because we are here for you," said Vietnam Veteran Fred Schrock.
Schrock's message was one many in the crowd carried with them as they walked. The mission was to bring awareness to the number of veterans who commit suicide after returning home due to post-traumatic stress disorder or mental illness.
"There are 22 veterans losing their lives every single day to veteran suicide," said organizer Robin Adams.
Deaths that for Jean Hardy hit home. She said, her son, Major Tom Hard, unexpectedly took his own life in 2016 after four tours overseas.
"If you're depressed or feeling helpless, it's not a sign of weakness that you ask for help," said Hardy.
For others in the crowd who have also served, the large show of support for a first-time event spoke volumes.
"The sentiment after 911; everything changed," said U.S. Army Veteran Jonathan Persing. "So there's a lot more support, a lot of people thanking you for your service. It's kind of nice compared to how other veterans had to deal with it."
But with each step, they remember that a life is gone, and with each step, they encourage those watching that we can do better to serve those that served us. 
"Lift them up in support and love when they need it most. They gave their finest. We should be giving them our absolute very best," said Adams.
For those in need of help, they can contact the Help Hotline at 211.