October 8

1994:  Bulldozers begin pushing the first piles of dirt along Scroggs Road in Columbiana County for what will be the first federal prison in Ohio.  

The Youngstown City School District needs the business community and residents to get more involved and make education more of a priority, says Ohio Gov. George Voinovich. 

Niles Civil Service commissioners ask the city law director if Mayor Ralph Infante violated civil service law by hiring his former election campaign manager as street superintendent. 

1979: Sisters of the Humility of Mary, the "Blue Nuns," will mark the 125th anniversary of the founding of their order with ceremonies at Villa Maria, Pa., and Community Center.

U.S. Rep.  Lyle Williams, state Sen.  Harry Meshel and state and county officials attend the dedication of a memorial to dead firefighters across from the Number One Fire Station.

Mahoning County Democratic Party Chairman Don L. Hanni says there is strong support in the area for a presidential run by U.S. Sen. Ted Kennedy, D-Mass. About 1,000 Democrats attended a party fund-raider at Callamar Manor.

1969: Construction work is being pushed rapidly on the Youngstown Municipal Airport's northwest-southwest taxiway with a goal of completing it by early 1970 to keep winter air traffic delays at a minimum.

Purchase of three parcels of land valued at a total of $55,200 in the central business district, Urban Renewal Project Area 11, is authorized by the Youngstown Board of Control. 

The Ohio Supreme Court rules that McCullough Williams Jr. cannot be on the ballot in the Youngstown Board of Education race because he notarized his own candidate petitions. Williams says he will mount a write-in campaign.

1944: Mr. and Mrs. John Susinka of Youngstown are notified that their son, Pfc. Edward Susinka, died of wounds in the South Pacific and a second son, Pfc. John R. Susinka Jr. has been wounded in action in France.

Blond 20-year-old Jean Belosic, first Australian war bride to arrive in Youngstown, has been appraising America carefully. She's impressed by the cheap clothes and the cokes and chocolate.

Youngstown files a condemnation suit to acquire the E.E. Emery Co. property on W. Front Street in the first appropriation action to obtain land needed for opening Chestnut Street.