A mother of three from Warren is accused of assaulting two police officers and threatening to kill her children.

Officers called to La'Nesha Workman's Ogden NW home Wednesday morning after she allegedly choked one of her children and told a relative that she was going to find her three kids floating in the river.

According to the police report, Workman has three sons, a one-year-old, a two-year-old, and a five to six-month-old infant.

A toddler unlocked the door to the home and let officers in after Workman only responded with obscenities when police arrived.

After both toddlers were placed in their grandmother's car, police say Workman appeared in the home, holding the infant making statements such as “I don't want to hold you.”

According to the police report, after Workman gave the baby to a teenage neighbor, officers told her she was being arrested for domestic violence for threatening her children.

As Workman was being handcuffed, police say she screamed that she was going to kill her children and herself.

Before police could put Workman in their cruiser, one officer says she bit him on the hand and kicked him in the groin. She also is accused of spitting another officer in the face.

The report says Workman fell to the ground before officers could place her in an ambulance and take her to Saint Joseph Hospital.

In addition to the domestic violence charge filed in Warren Municipal Court, authorities filed two counts of assaulting a police officer.