November 4

1994: Larry Maher Jr., 23, dies in a fire that swept through the home he shared with his father at 327 Laird Ave. Police who spotted the flames tried to get into the house, but were driven back by the heat. They had to restrain Larry Maher Sr., who arrived as firemen were fighting the flames and tried to enter the house. 

Suburban Tempe Co. of Akron, an independent filmmaker, is filming a horror film, "The Sandman," in the area, with much of the filming at Suburban Mobile Home Park off U.S. Route 422 in Niles. 

Youngstown Patrolman Dan Mikus returns fire on an 18-year-old South Side man, wounding him in the leg. Another gunman escaped. While the man was being treated at St. Elizabeth Hospital, three cassette tapes with song lyrics that glorified killing police officers were found in his jacket.

1979: Youngstown State University President John Coffelt says the university must develop a policy on accepting gifts following the arrival on campus of FBI agents who had a subpoena to go through the papers of former Congressman Charles J. Carney.   

The "Struthers Birdbath," the abandoned Yellow Creek Park swimming pool built by the WPA in the late 1930s, will be filled in and is bathhouse may be converted to a park office. 

Youngstown State University demolishes Eastern Illinois, the reigning NCAA Division II champions, 49-21. Bill Narduzzi's Penguins have a 9-0 record.    

1969: Police are searching for a gunman who fired shots into the home of Walter Freely on Stocker Avenue at 9 p.m. and again at 2 a.m. 

three teenage boys and a teenage girl are arrested and a large assortment of glue is seized when police investigate complaints of heavy juvenile traffic at an Oak Park apartment.

Eight ROTC cadets at Youngstown State University receive Distinguished Military Student citations: Archie J. Finamore Jr., Gerald Bulisco, Julius G. Betgiel, Jacob A. Struble, William J. Phythyon, Edmund B. Ickert Jr., James D. Hope and Terry L. Miksic.

1944: George Morrell Jr., 28, is diagnosed with infantile paralysis, the 23rd case in Mahoning County in 1944.

Richard Whitehead, 31, of Niles is burned to death and Charles Goodman, 29, of Newton Falls is injured when a truck overturns near Hubbard and bursts into flames. 

A game but injury-ridden East High football team bounces back from a lopsided defeat at the hands of South High to trounce Campbell Memorial, 13-0. Ursuline's squad comes from behind to tie Woodrow Wilson, 13-13.