The search continues for whoever is responsible for firing shots at state troopers on Youngstown's south-side. 
Lt. Jerad Sutton with the Ohio State Highway Patrols says the troopers were not hit now was their vehicle, but the event prompted an investigation that spanned several blocks.
Summer Street and Warren Avenue were the center of the investigation that's where at about 2:30 pm Friday Sutton said two SUV's were traveling northbound on Summer Street as an unmarked State Highway Patrol SUV was traveling westbound on Warren Avenue. Sutton said, as the two SUV's heading northbound entered the intersection rounds were fired towards the unmarked OSP vehicle. The vehicle was not hit, nor were the two troopers inside. Both SUV's fled the scene.
"There's no indication that they knew they were firing at troopers," said Sutton.  "Can't confirm whether both vehicles or just one was firing shots at this time."
Not far from the scene troopers at the corner of Glenaven Avenue and Hillman Street processed a white Tahoe with North Carolina plates for evidence. Troopers o scene told 21 News the individuals associated with the vehicle were not taken into custody. 
How the Tahoe fits into the investigation has not yet been released. 
However, we know the troopers that were fired at were also driving a very similar vehicle - smake make and model.
Meanwhile back at the original scene, officials searched for shell casings and other evidence and checked to see if homes or other property was damaged in the line of fire.
Officials have not yet released a description of the suspects or the two vehicles.
"We're working with Youngstown Police, and US Marshalls, FBI is here as well in identifying and locating suspects," said Sutton.