A West Virginia man has been accused of attacking his brother at a home on the 700 block of Union Street in Warren.

According to the report, 25-year-old Gregory Rarey started to tell his brother and his family that he was going to enter into America's Got Talent.

Reports say Rarey's family told him that they were not going to support him by paying his way to the audition.

Police say Rarey became irate and left the home.

After the parents left, Rarey came back to the home and started to scream at his brother for not supporting him entering America's Got Talent.

According to the report, the brother told his kids to go to a different part of the home, and Rarey began to swing at the victim.

Rarey allegedly punched his brother in the face before he was put into a chokehold.

Reports say Rarey attempted to break the chokehold multiple times, causing his brother to bite his forearm before Rarey passed out from the hold.

While Rarey was asleep, his brother called the police.

Police say Rarey woke up and left the scene towards Oriole Pl.

According to the report, officers found Rarey walking on South Street near Main Avenue.

Officers say Rarey told them that he did punch his brother and that he started the fight.

Reports say Rarey told officers that he was going to kill his brother if he filed charges because then he would not be able to try out for America's Got Talent.

Rarey was detained, placed into a police cruiser and told that he was under arrest for domestic violence.

After hearing that he was being charged with domestic violence, Rarey allegedly told police that he was going to kill his brother now.

Police say they told Rarey not to say that he was going to kill his brother, to which Rarey replied that he was going to slit his brother's throat.

Rarey is being held in the Trumbull County Jail.