The American Heart Association is launching a massive campaign to take on the electronic cigarette industry.

It's called #QuitLying.

The hashtag and website for it is designed to publically hold companies accountable for the marketing practices it uses to target teens.

The organization is hosting a forum called E-Cigarettes & Youth- Addressing an Epidemic.

The public is invited to attend the event Wednesday night at 5:30 p.m. at the VEC in Girard, which is located at 979 Tibetts Wick Rd.

"Tomorrow's goal is to really educate the community on what is happening in the schools, so the kids that we're going to talk to, it's just what are they seeing in the schools," Tracy Behnke said, executive director of the Youngstown chapter of the American Heart Association.

The American Heart Association wants parents to know how to spot vaping tools and to talk to their kids about the dangers that come with using them.

The CDC reports 1 in 4 high school teens vape. Locally the Mahoning County District Board of Health saw higher numbers, recently reporting 3 in 10 teens admit to vaping.
Teen vaping is considered an epidemic with vaping-related illnesses reported in recent months.

"It's really just seeing the number of kids using these devices and the age that they're starting," she said.

Speakers at Wednesday night's forum will include Howland Local Schools Superintendent Kevin Spicher, Guidance Counselor and Nurses Coordinator with the Trumbull County Educational Service Center Denise Holloway and four local high school students.