It appears General Motors will once again have some type of residency in the Valley, and it's likely to be a sizable footprint.

The automaker, in partnership with South Korea's LG Chem, is planning to break ground next spring for a $2.3 billion battery production plant in the Lordstown area. The exact location has not been released, but local officials say two sites are being reviewed.

Valley legislators say this is exciting news, and it's not just a "maybe." "For sure this project is going to be in the Valley," State Senator Sean O'Brien said during a Thursday news conference with Senator Michael Rulli and Representatives Michael O'Brien and Gil Blair.

They say the best part of this project is jobs.

"We're talking 1,100 direct jobs, and that doesn't include the trade jobs to build this facility, because they're going to have to build a new facility," O'Brien said.
But will GM be ready to bring back the UAW since LG Chem's other plants are not union shops?

"They're open to working with the UAW, and those negotiations will go on. That discussion is still being held," O'Brien said.

O'Brien says the existing Lordstown plant was not suited for the specific requirements for battery production.
"They couldn't use the existing facility. This is a specialized plant. It has to be completely sterile, and there are many requirements that have to be brought in," he said.
 The lawmakers say this significant investment will also attract other supporting businesses and jobs.

 "The opportunities that are going to feed off that for other plants and other industries in the supply chain could be absolutely tremendous," Representative Blair said. 

The lawmakers say this project didn't happen overnight, and Ohio had to offer an incentive package to land it. 
"There are tax incentives and other incentives, but again, we were competing with Tennessee, and I believe Alabama and they had some pretty good packages," O'Brien said.

General Motors says its future is electric, and Senator Rulli says this investment makes the Valley a part of that future.

"We want to be the electric hub of the world."