Some people are a little dumbfounded when they arrive at the new roundabout at what was once Five Points in Poland Township.

Jake Olson, who operates Ianazone's Pizza at Five Points, says business is picking up after the roundabout opened.

He says it's easy once you get used to it. He offers some simple advice.

"Now you have to go right or you'll be in a head-on collision. You just got to follow the yield signs and follow the arrows that say go to the right," said Olson.

And once you're in the circle, keep going until you turn right out of the circle.

"Which is better than every single day having to stop for five different people to go," added Olson.

Jonathan Vivo is happy it's open. He's already seen a lot more walk-ins at his barbershop. He's been watching traffic trying to figure it all out.

"Some people good, some not so good. It's going to take some time for people to get used to. The end result is going to be better for everyone in the area. Traffic won't be backed up after work hours and everything," said Vivo.

People have wondered why there is a big dirt mound in the middle. Mahoning county engineer Pat Ginetti says it's supposed to be there to make sure you aren't seeing traffic from other roads coming into the roundabout.

He says it's safer if you just look left for cars and then go right. Remember: you can only go right in and right out of a roundabout.