A familiar storefront in Boardman that's been vacant for more than a year will have a new life soon. 

Bin Voyage, a discount bin store with three locations in Trumbull county, plans to open its fourth location at the old Toys R Us location on 224 in Boardman. 
"You cannot lose shopping at my stores. You can't," Moore said. 
Owner Thomas Moore, who is also the president of Infinity Remarketing Services, said on any given day, you can find a wide variety of items for as little as a dollar, depending on the day.
Moore explained that he contracts with major retailers for inventory, which he is then responsible for, whether it sells or not.
The items that don't sell for the major retailers become "overstock" items that Moore can sell for a fraction of their retail value. 
As a result, on any given day in a Bin Voyage store, you may find items like laptops, authentic sports jerseys, and designer purses, which are never priced any higher than $10. 
The stores are replenished every Saturday, and prices start at $10. From there, they decrease each day, on down to Friday, when everything in the store is $1. 
"You could literally buy one-thousand, two-thousand dollar items and get them for five dollars," said Moore. "So what I've noticed about 60% of our customer base are re-sellers. So we're actually helping others earn a living based off of our business model."
Moore tells 21 News he relies heavily on social media to generate buzz for his stores, a strategy he says has paid off handsomely. 
"It took off much more quickly than we had expected and what I had done, I had proved the concept with Liberty and I felt confident enough to go and secure these buildings of such magnitude, 30-thousand square feet and up because I felt comfortable with the business model because the reaction from the general public has been exceptional," said Moore.
He said since opening the first location on October 4, word of mouth has spread dramatically, with 791 people in line at the Warren location on one Saturday. 
Moore said this type of overstock store is popular in other parts of the country, particularly in the south, but that the Boardman location will be the largest of its kind anywhere. 
Moore said he hopes to open the Boardman location on the first Saturday in February and will open a fifth location in the Austintown Plaza in the near future.