Coronavirus cases and deaths have increased less than compared to the past two days in Ohio. 

On Saturday statewide, there were 19,335 cases, which is 592 more since Friday. The deaths totaled 1,021, which is an increase of 19 from Friday.


When you compare that to the incre


ase from Thursday to Friday, that's down. From Thursday to Friday


, there were 716 new cases reported and 27 more deaths.

Locally, Mahoning County saw an increase of 24 cases for a total of 883, and deaths still stand at 82. From Thursday to Friday, there was a 31 case jump.

Trumbull County reported five new cases for a total of 329 and deaths still stand at 31.

Columbiana County reported nine new coronavirus cases for a total of 271 and two more deaths for a total of 26.