Over the last 2 months, there were a lot of things we couldn't do, riding our bikes wasn't one of them.

"Bike sales have gone up around 300 percent since the end of March," says Tony Ricchiuti, Co-Owner of Outdoor Recreation Equipment in Boardman.

Outdoor Recreation Equipment in Boardman has noticed a large jump in sales since Ohio's stay at home order was put into effect and it's not just returning customers.

"There's a lot of first-time buyers, there's a lot of repair service, so the repair service has probably tripled also we are backlogged about a month," adds Ricchiuti.

At Austintown Glenwood Cycle, they're not having a problem selling their bikes, their biggest issue is getting them in stock.

"There are no bikes in the pipeline right now so once the bikes go out of stocks in the store, and we have people calling from all over to get what's left in our inventory, there's no inventory coming from the suppliers themselves," says Co-Owner Don Johnson.

Johnson says his shop has about one-third of his normal stock and he doesn't expect more inventory to arrive until mid to late June.