The potential repeal of House Bill 6 could mean more economic development for Lordstown..

Ohio lawmakers look to repeal the bill that makes electricity customers pay to keep two aging nuclear power plants running.

Lordstown mayor Arno Hill says if that were to happen, he believes the company that is responsible for building two natural gas power plants in Lordstown will want to build a third.

He says the owner of the first and second plants planned to build a third before scrapping plans due to the passage of House Bill 6.

"They've done some preliminary research and checked out some sites. Checking with PJM, they control the electric grid for 13 states, they have done some preliminary work on that so they've already done planning work so they might be interested once again." said Hill.

Hill says if the two nuclear plants were to shut down an additional natural gas plant would be needed to keep up with demand.

Meanwhile, the mayor says construction of that second Lordstown power plant is expected to begin later this year.