It's been 18 days since the strike by United Steelworkers Local 1016-03 against NLMK in Farrell began.

Now, the employees and the community are uniting Wednesday evening behind the power of prayer.

The prayer is being led by Reverend Terry Harrison of Valley Baptist Church for all the workers and families affected by the strike. 

This comes just a few days after his brother Timothy Harrison held a prayer rally at NLMK, with Reverend Terry saying "when one hurts, we all hurt."

The strike for the 400-some workers at the plant sparked after they became frustrated with a high deductible healthcare plan they say they can't trust. 

Right now, the monthly premium is $185 and after four years it would increase to $385 and be capped there, which is not the five-fold increase that the union has claimed.

They've also filed unfair labor practices charges against NLMK.

Tuesday, NLMK released a statement answering questions about the union's claims, saying in part that this high deductible plan has been an option since the 2012 contract, so its inclusion in current negotiations is not a surprise to union leaders as they claim.

Union leaders said their healthcare is their biggest concern. 

"They don't like the cost of it, and they don't want anything to do with it," said Jim Wells, Union President of USW 1016. "They've had eight years to explain all that, now they want to take it and just force everybody into it because nobody would go into it voluntary. We're still saying the choice, and we want a reasonable choice on the price of everything too, not jacking the price up for the PPO for the way they want to do it." 

The union is preparing a written statement in the next several days. 

21 News Reporter Chris Cerenelli is at the prayer and will have the latest on negotiations with NLMK at 11.