In what at first glance looks like a colorful, kid-friendly billboard advertisement off of 224 in Berlin Township is actually an ad for products marketed for adults.

"I noticed that there was a Ferris wheel of adult toys, and I was just taken beside myself," said Ashley Davidson of Berlin Township. 

As popular of a road 224 is, Davidson said her main concern is her kids riding the school bus where many other kids can easily look out the window and see the ad for themselves.

"It's on the side of a main road," Davidson said. "My kids have restrictions. They can't look it up but it doesn't mean another kid on a school bus cannot."

Berlin Township trustees told 21 News they don't approve of the ad and agree it's inappropriate. But since there's no zoning in the township and the billboard is a right to free speech, there isn't much they can do. Davidson also reached out to the state for information on advertising regulations.

"I have learned that the FCC regulations are for broadcast and radio... and the billboards do not apply for obscenity in the same way," Davidson said. "So, I've kind of just been stuck."

Davidson spoke on similar ads in Deerfield and on 224 in Boardman from the same company.

21 News reached out to the billboard and adult-oriented company throughout the day on Monday but did not get a response.