Here in Ohio, the race for the White House remains tight between President Donald Trump and former Vice President Joe Biden.

The latest Baldwin Wallace University Great Lakes Poll shows that President Trump holds a slim 47%  lead over Biden in Ohio. The previous poll in late September showed the two in a virtual tie.

With the tightening polls, both candidates hit the campaign trail on Monday, just 22 days before the election.

Trump was eager to get back on the campaign trail and show that he's healthy again.

"We're going to take whatever the hell they gave me and we are going to distribute it around to hospitals and everybody is going to have the same damn thing," said Trump.

And here in Ohio, both tickets are campaigning the battleground state.

In Columbus, on Columbus day, Vice President Mike Pence pushed to link democrats with protesters taking down historical statues.

"The truth is Joe Biden and today's democratic party have been giving in to the most radical voices in this country, voices that want to cancel our culture and erase our history," said Pence.

In Toledo, Joe Biden held a rally and said the county has an unstable economic future with the president's handling of the pandemic to blame.

"That's Donald Trump's presidency, 215-thousand dead because of Covid, experts say were likely to lose another 2-hundred thousand people the next couple of months, unless we take some serious action and he doesn't seem to know what he is doing," said Biden.

This week's presidential debate has been canceled, after President Trump refused to appear in an online format. The two are now considering dueling town halls instead.