BLOOMFIELD, Ohio - It's Halloween week, when costumes and disguises at least briefly take over our lives, but that's an everyday reality for one high school senior at Bloomfield.

She's gained a worldwide following for her ability to give every day a Halloween vibe.

Bloomfield senior Ruthie Kaiser is an artist, and her canvas is her own face.

"When I was 13 I really started getting into makeup and I'd start doing colorful eye shadow and stuff," said Kaiser. "It kind of just became a way where I can express myself and how I'm feeling."

Clearly, at this point she's well beyond just the eye shadow.

She learned how to do all this by watching YouTube videos and taking what other people were doing, then trying to top it.

She started sharing her skills on social media, especially TikTok, where she has a cool 2.4 million people following her work.

"I'll see just a piece of actual physical artwork and I'll be like, wow that's really cool. I kind of want to do something like that on my face," said Kaiser.

Once the calendar turned to October she took her skills to another level, spending hours on a single look, then having a little fun y showing everyone how it looks when she peels it all off.

"Last week I did probably five makeup looks and they all consist of six to seven hours long," said Kaiser.

That kind of dedication is already opening doors for this 17 year old.

She's currently working with Netflix for a second time on a project, giving her a heavy duty resume as well as a platform to inspire others to harness the power of social media at any age.

"I get to inspire a lot of other people and a lot of younger girls that love to do makeup like I used to when I was their age because that's a large portion of my following," said Kaiser.

"Often times we hear about the negative stories about social media," said Bloomfield Jr/Sr High School principal Stan Koterba. "This is a great example how, she just started out doing this face makeup and eventually it turned into something where she's known across the world."

A worldwide following from a girl who is one of just 14 seniors in her graduating class, now showing off her talent for millions across the globe.

This is just the beginning for Kaiser. She wants to make a career of this, hoping to get into YouTube a little more to increase her income.

She also plans on majoring in digital marketing in college to help make that happen.

If you want to give her a follow, you can find her as MakeuppbyRuthie (note the double P) on most social media platforms.