Two Valley communities are receiving a total of $4.2 million in low-interest and principal forgiveness funding from Ohio EPA to improve wastewater and drinking water facilities.

New Waterford is receiving $2.3 million for two loans to replace deteriorating water lines, valves, and hydrants; and to develop new wells and replace the existing treatment plant to supply water to the new school and community center.

The loans include $1.1 million in principal forgiveness, meaning this amount does not have to be repaid. Additionally, New Waterford is receiving $500,000 in H2Ohio funding for this project.

The City of Warren receives $1.9 million for two loans to close sanitary sewer overflows, providing necessary relief to the existing sewer, relieving bottlenecks, and reducing basement flooding.

Principal Forgiveness is an additional subsidy provided by the federal government to assist municipalities with significant hardship raising the revenue necessary to finance needed infrastructure projects. It is used to reduce the size of a loan, thus reducing annual principal and interest payments.

The projects improve Ohio's surface water quality and the reliability and quality of Ohio drinking water systems.