For the past seven years, Jason and Stacy Alan have been playing tricks on people with their magic and mentalism shows. Friday night, they will get the opportunity to see just how good they are. The Alan's are going on national TV to try and fool two of the most famous magicians in the world, Penn and Teller.

"It was a really cool experience but definitely anxiety provoking for sure," said Stacy Alan.

The show is called, Penn & Teller: Fool Us and it airs on the CW Friday nights at 9 p.m. You can see it on our sister station, WBCB.

The idea is exactly what it says in the title of the show. The magicians have to try and fool Penn and Teller with their trick and stump them on how they pulled it off.

"It's as terrifying as it sounds," said Jason Alan. "They are two of the greatest magicians that I've idolized my entire life and we get to stand in front of them so I gave her the hardest part of the trick to do while I stood there!"

The Alan's trick is based around the night they first met and their appearance on the show comes after applying three other times previously. They practiced in front of family and friends until it was just right.

"We have a lot of friends and mentors in the magic community and so we definitely leaned on them to brainstorm with and get creative with really nail down the in's and outs of the routine before we went and presented it to Penn and Teller," Stacy said.

Jason grew up in Salem and went to YSU. He was hooked on magic at a young age.

"My brother gave me a book when I was younger and I think it was called "How to Mess With Your Food" and it's a Penn and Teller book and it's all based around like tricks with food, like you are eating dinner and something happens and I had to have been like 10 or 12 around that age when he gave it to me," Jason said. "I got into a lot of trouble with that book but they are amazing."

Stacy's background is psychology and after meeting Jason, studied mentalism.

"I never did magic until I met Jason but I was a clinical therapist so my background is psychology, mental health and then in meeting Jason and realizing I wanted to become part of his act and work with him, he really encouraged me to learn about mentalism and meet some other mentalists in the area," Stacy said. "It really just clicked with me because it's solely based on psychology and that is my entire passion and background and so that is kind of how that evolved."

We featured the couple on WFMJ Today in 2015, but now they will be in the national spotlight and if they fool Penn & Teller, could get a chance to open up for them at a show.

"We actually got to fly out to Las Vegas in October and we did it front and center with just the two of them in the room so that was awesome and scary all at the same time," Stacy said.

Even if they don't fool them, the Alan's say they want to just continue doing what they love and maybe inspire the next generation of great magicians.

"I think our biggest goal is just to continue to do what we love and we really do love it, we love being able to perform together and travel and go to new places and meet new people and bring them magic and our show and we just hope that as things continue to get better over these next few months that hopefully we'll be able to go out and do that for more people," Stacy said. "I hope that this encourages you to have more interest in magic and want to watch more of it."

To see the Alan's performance on the Penn & Teller: Fool Us - just click this link after 12:00 on Saturday, Jan. 23rd.