40-year-old Rachel Powell of Sandy Lake was granted release Thursday afternoon after an appeal in federal court in the District of Columbia.

Powell has been in the Butler County Prison since her volunteer surrender on February 4th when federal agents arrested her on charges of obstruction, depredation of government property, violent entry, and taking a dangerous weapon onto restricted property.

She could face up to 47 years in prison. 

The prosecution argued she was a flight risk given the nature in which she dropped her children off to her soon to be ex-husband on January 30th and left for four days until her volunteer surrender. 

Her defense argued against that, citing that she hired him to arrange the volunteer surrender to an FBI agent in New Castle. 

The prosecution is also arguing that she, at one point, entered the Capitol on January 6th only to exit the building and instruct others on where to go.

That claim, however, couldn't be proven by the prosecution. 

The judge said Powell's ties to the community and homeschooling of five of her children were two major factors to release her from custody.

Powell must surrender all guns, her passport and can't travel to the District of Columbia unless it's for a trial.

She also can't maintain any communication with anyone actively charged or under investigation for the events at the Capitol on January 6th, and any travel outside of her home into the community must be approved. 

She will now attend weekly pre-trial hearings by phone from her home in Sandy Lake.