Youngstown State University is excited to announce that The Summer Festival of the Arts will be returning this year.

But instead of having it at their usual spot on campus, they've decided to host the event at a much larger venue.

"It was right in the center core of campus so everything was kind of squeezed together pretty tight," said Jim Tressel, YSU President. "So I think they'll have the ability to open up more children's activities and more, you know how kids are, they wanna run around and they dont's wanna be cramped up in small spaces," he said.

Tressel tells 21 News he's expecting a much bigger crowd than the usual fifteen thousand.

"The better the weather is, the bigger the crowd is. And I think now with a new venue, the excitememt, I'd like to think we could get 30 or 40 thousand down here this year," Tressel said.

A festival that could quite possibly draw in that many people, might raise some concerns in the community.

Tressel says they will be following all COVID safety protocols.

"There's discussion about is it six feet is it three feet and maybe by the end of july will we have masks will we not," said Tressel. "Whatever the CDC and the state guidelines are, whatever they tells us, we do. But we're hoping as close to near normal would be ideal," he said.

The park is excited to bring the community together.

"We've been waiting a long time, everybody's been on pins and needles," said Jennifer Roller, President of the Raymond John Wean Foundation. "Now this is our opportunity to still come out, enjoy, fellowship and be safe," she said.

The festival is set to begin the weekend of July 17.