A Mahoning County grand jury has handed up a more than 100-count indictment for a Berlin Township man and his 75-year-old mother.

46-year-old Jamie Longnecker and his mother, Karen Longnecker, are both charged with over 50 counts each in connection to stalking crimes throughout Mahoning County.

It's all part of a "serial stalking" investigation against 30 people, a charity, and police officers assisting in the investigation.

The 103-count indictment explains Longnecker allegedly sent pornographic images to the targeted individuals through the mail. 

Mahoning County Sheriff Detective Patrick Mondora as well as other Valley police departments spent years investigating Longnecker's most recent case.

Detective Mondora said he has been dealing with Longnecker for a decade and believes he has an obsession with women. 

One of those victims was allegedly the family of a young girl who worked with Jamie Longnecker in an effort to cause them distress, according to the indictment.

The court documentation goes on to say that Longnecker then became obsessed with the young girl when she didn't befriend him.

Mondora says Longnecker allegedly used the internet to find addresses of the victim's family members, and his mother is accused of supplying him with the computer equipment.

"He's persistent," Mondora said, "He's persistent and causing havoc in this family and anyone surrounding him, neighbors he lives next to, too. Once he gets fixated on an object or a person, he's relentless."

Longnecker is also accused of tracking his neighbor's schedule and taking photos of her.

Six police agencies, led by Mahoning County Sheriff's Office Detective, Deputy Pat Mondora, contributed to the five-year investigation.

Some of the counts carry terms of imprisonment ranging from six to 18 months each.

Jamie Longnecker has a criminal history of stalking, menacing, and violating various protection orders dating all the way back to 2000.

He served a three-year prison sentence for the same activity in 2011.

According to court records, Karen Longnecker was booked into the county jail on Tuesday and has since been released.