Mahoning County has launched the court's new updated website and its partnership with the Public Library of Youngstown & Mahoning County authorizing the library to provide certified copies of marriage records.

Due to the new federally compliant driver's license requirements as well as employer-required verification of marriage, the Court has seen an enormous increase in requests for copies of marriage records.

As a result, the Court began a process of creating a more user-friendly website for citizens to access information on the court, case-specific information on their pending cases, and order necessary documents in a secure, efficient manner.

As part of the new website, the public can now print an electronic copy of their Marriage Record at no charge or order a certified copy and pay online.

As of now, anyone married after June 1, 1999, can visit the court's new website and immediately print a copy of their marriage license.

In addition, for anyone who was married prior to June 1, 1999, the Court has added a new option for those individuals to obtain a copy of their marriage license.

The Court has deputized several library employees so that they can now provide certified copies of the marriage records.

There are now five (5) options available to obtain a copy of your marriage license if your marriage license was issued in Mahoning County. They are as follows:

Option 1: Free Electronic Certified Copy by visiting:

Option 2: Order & Pay for a Certified Copy on line at:

Option 3: By mailing in your request to the Mahoning County Probate Court, Attn: Marriage License Dept., 120 Market St., Youngstown, Ohio 44503.

Option 4: By visiting the Mahoning County Probate Court, 120 Market St., Youngstown, Ohio 44503 and purchasing your marriage record in person.

Option 5: By visiting one of the three (3) public libraries (Main Youngstown branch, Brownlee Woods & Struthers branches) and obtaining your certified copy.