The Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office released a statement against Sub. S.B. 256, which eliminates life-without-parole sentencing for juvenile offenders.

According to the release, the law went into effect April 10th and created new parole eligibility provisions for those who committed offenses under the age of 18.

The Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office says they fought against the changes along with the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association.

They say the change could result in some of the worst offenders being parole eligible and being released back into their communities.

The release includes a local connection to the changes.

The Trumbull County Prosecutor's Office says juvenile murderers such as Jacob LaRosa will now be eligible for parole in their 30's and 40's.

LaRosa was convicted for the murder of 94-year-old Marie Belcastro in her Niles home in 2015.

The release says LaRosa, who was 15 at the time, beat Belcastro with a flashlight severely, leaving damage that left her brain visible through holes in her skull.

S.B. 256 would nullify the life-without-parole sentence, making it a possibility that he could be released in the future.

The Prosecutor's Office says LaRosa does not deserve a lighter sentence as given by the retroactive legislation. Officials say they will continue to fight to keep violent criminals incarcerated for as long as possible as the legislature provides in their laws.