Craig Antush was a part of the old Scrappers for 15 years as their batting practice pitcher and official scorekeeper.

Now he has a new role with them.. assistant on field coach.

"We're still working out roles with Coco, but I'll be working with the pitchers and coaching first base," said Antush.

Antush and Coco Crisp, the Scrappers manager have developed a good relationship during zoom meetings.

"We didn't know each other before, but things are going well."

Its been of goal for Antush to work "on the field" with the Scrappers.

When former Indian executive Ross Atkins and James Harris visited Eastwood Field, Antush would always talk about his experiences playing at Alabama and coaching but they never bit.

Things changed with the Major League Draft League.

"I applied on line to be the pitching coach and things started happening,"  Antush said of the last couple of months.

For now its virtual meetings until the rest of the coaching staff arrives in town next month.

And, Antush is happy to be part of it.