A book about the decades old murder of a Canfield family, a missing murder file, and FBI investigation, is gaining some national interest.
Local author Gary Bonnell's book is titled, "Truth Not Deception, Where is the G-M Marsh Family Murder File?"

In 1974 Ben Marsh, his wife, and four year old daughter were murdered at their home in Canfield Township. Their son, a toddler, was the only survivor.

Marsh, was to testify before a grand jury about an alleged drug ring at the G-M van plant in Lordstown prior to his murder, Bonnell believes the drug ring was much larger.

The book, contains court transcripts and letters he wrote to the Chairman of the board of GM at that time.

The book is rated 5 stars on Amazon.

Bonnell said, "It's in the top two percent of sales in it's category and it's doing very very well. I've had some interest by Netflex and other movie entities."

The missing murder file has never been found.

In the book Bonnell gives details about threats against himself and his late wife and describes an attempt on his life.

He also reveals the name of a deceased UAW union member, who Bonnell says repeatedly threatened Marsh and himself.

In the book Bonnell brings up questions about the investigations, alleged corruption by some of the workers in the van plant.

James P. Ferarra was convicted for the 1974 murders, but Bonnell and some other people believe the wrong man is in prison for the crimes.

The author who tells WFMJ news he pulled large bags of white substance out of the side panel of van prior after being ordered to do so. 

He also talks about the prison interview with Ferarra, the man convicted of the murders.