A 17-year-old boy has been charged as an adult for allegedly stabbing a fifteen-year-old fellow resident at a facility for juvenile offenders in Mercer County.

The District Attorney's office has filed four charges against George Garzon-Lagos of Wilmington, Delaware, including aggravated assault and procuring a weapon while an inmate.  He was charged as an adult  "Due to the alarming details of this incident," according to a news release issued by state police.

Police say Garzon-Lagos attacked the victim at George Junior Republic last Monday using two improvised knives, commonly known as “shanks”, repeatedly stabbing the victim’s head and arms. Police say the puncture wounds are not life-threatening and were treated by George Junior staff members.

Police say the Garzon-Lagos claimed to be a member of the “Mexican Mafia” street gang and planned the attack over several weeks because the alleged victim claimed to be a member of the rival “Crips” street gang.

Investigators say the suspect intended to kill the teen, but instead was going to try to slash his eye, because inside the detention system the suspect would have no protection from fellow gang members.

Garzon-Lagos has been transferred to the Mercer County Jail