A fixture in the Youngstown City School District has announced that he will retire at the end in June.

According to the release, Superintendent Joe Meranto announced that he will retire on June 30th at a school board meeting Tuesday.

Meranto has been involved in education for the last 50 years and spent the last 18 in Youngstown City Schools.

He was appointed as the district's superintendent four years ago to serve as a bridge between the academic distress commission, the CEO and school board.

CEO Justin Jennings called Meranto an asset to the district and to his leadership team.

"Mr. Meranto has been a wealth of institutional knowledge and a trusted friend since I arrived in the district. I will miss his advice and counsel," Jennings said.

Meranto said that even though he is retiring from his position, he isn't quitting.

"I will continue to be a voice for the voiceless, a support for parents and teachers as they fight for their kids, their public schools and better education. I will use my pen, my computer, and my speech to do what is right - not for a few, but for all," said Meranto.