The Campbell City School District has announced another expansion project for the district.

The district is adding the Whole Child Whole Family Service Center (WCWF) to go beyond the high engagement and prevention model currently being offered at their Community Literacy Workforce and Cultural Center (CLWCC).

The WCWF will be an additional space on the same campus as the Cultural Center and will bring added higher engagement services to the community according to Superintendent Matthew Bowen.

Bowen says the center will be a minimum of 4,800 square feet and focus on keeping students and families engaged with the community. He says WCWF will be more responsive to family traumas like job loss, social-emotional wellness, language barriers, career counseling, and mental health needs.

The Campbell School District has received multiple grants to create the WCWF and is seeking qualifications for architect design services.

Bowen says the WCWF should be complete before March 2023.

He hopes the WCWF will help the district's overarching goal of creating more economic strength in the Northeast Ohio area and prepare students for success in life.