Nearly 8 thousand people who got speed camera tickets in Girard may be in line for a refund after a settlement was reached with the camera company.

It stems from when construction concluded on the highway in December of 2018 and a faster speed limit was restored, but one of the slower limit signs slipped through the cracks.

It was on that basis that the city issued speeding tickets. The camera company is agreeing to pay out 175,000 dollars, but that's after court costs and expenses are paid.

7,700 people were ticketed between December 7th, 2017 and January 7th, 2018. After court fees are taken out they'll be splitting roughly 120,000 dollars.

Although a settlement has been reached for one party, the fight is still on with the city. 

"Girard, you know, they made a mistake. everybody acknowledges that they made a mistake," said Marc Dann, former Ohio Attorney General. "They simply should've said they were sorry sent everybody their hundred dollars back and everybody could've gone on with their lives. Instead, you know, the city of girard is fighting us tooth and nail," he said. 

While the city has not yet settled, Mayor Jim Melfi tells 21 News there were talks of discussing a possible settlement. Dann says if they do settle, it'll mean more money for all the victims involved.

"How much more depends on how quick the settlement is or if we go to trial, what the jury awards," Dann said. 

So far with one party settled, each person involved who received a hundred dollar fine is looking at a 20 dollar refund and the money will come in the form of paper checks in the mail.

We're only releasing one of the clients, one of the defendants as part of this. So we're only losing one of the defendants," said Dann. "The big defendant, the city of Girard, the one that's most liable, is still in the case and we're gonna fight to get every penny from them. We think they're liable for all of it," he said. 

Those who were ticketed in that December to January time frame, will first receive a notice of settlement by mail. You can choose to opt out of the settlement and open your own case against the city of Girard.

If you do not wish to opt out, then there's nothing you need to do but wait for the money to be sent to you.