From manufacturing to medical to the service industry, a lot of local companies need many workers. With Ohio's federal unemployment benefits ending officially June 26, businesses are adapting to what they say is a culture shift in the workforce because of the pandemic.

"Right now we are in desperate need of workers," Boardman On Demand Staffing Chief Operating Officer Tara Evans said, "The nation has never seen anything like this before, so what can we do? There's a culture shift. There's a culture change."

Local companies are now thinking outside the box to entice people to apply.

"The nation has never seen anything like this before, so what can we do?," Evans said, "There's a culture shift....because Americans had all this time and families had time together, in one household. It's like alright, 'Are we both going back to work? Is one of us now going to transition and stay home?'"

Evans said companies like her own, will have to be more flexible and think more about adding more benefits people would appreciate post-pandemic. 

"Transportation and child care are the two things that I think companies really need to look at to get more workers back to work," Evans said, "The child care piece... that's tricky. That's the only thing our services aren't doing right now, but that's something we're talking about."

GLI Pool Products along with On Demand said COVID-19 has improved their workforce environment, upgrading the benefits and incentives they now offer. 

"We have the flexible hours. If you have a child you need to get off the bus, we can work with that and we're willing to work with it," Danielle Hopkinson, marketing and communications director of GLI Pool Products, said, "Maybe before it wasn't the way but we understand that now, it has to be the way."

Application enticement, however, remains a challenge for small businesses that can't offer what big companies can. 

"We treat our staff well, you know, we want to pay them what they're worth, but it's just not possible for us to do that with food costs rising," Landmark Restaurant Co-Owner Matt Savon said. 

Savon said he's grateful for the hardworking staff Landmark has and it hopes people will enter back into the service industry.

Evans urges people do not wait long before entering back into the workforce because she said soon enough the tables will turn the job market will tighten.

"It's a crucial time," Evans said. There's plenty of opportunities out there, because of unemployment, but the next couple months...things are going to tighten up again."

She said if there are families out there concerned about child care among other factors, come in to On Demand Staffing and talk about the options and offers they have. 

On Demand Staffing partners with manufacturing, medical and sales companies, etc. to find workers.

"We are in a time we have not seen before because of the dynamics of COVID and what that meant and what that did," Evans said, "But that created opportunities and it also shifted culture a little bit."

On Demand has about 300 openings with a job fair on July 30 on route 224. 

On Demand incentives and benefits include:

-$25 for working a full week with perfect attendance

-Transportation to and from

-Healthcare after 90 days of work

-Flexible hours

-$12 - $18 full-time and part-time positions. 

GLI Pool Products in Youngstown has about 60-75 openings and hosting a job fair on June 25.

Incentives include:

-Flexible hours, customize hours

-Up to $1,000 for working one year 

More information from GLI Pool Products on job openings:

Part-Time Machine Operator - Starting wage $15 an hour - up to $20 an hour with experience

Template Drawers - Starting wage $15 an hour - up to $20 an hour with experience

Estimator - Starting wage $15 an hour - up to $20 an hour with experience
Shipping Clerk - Starting wage $15 an hour - up to $20 an hour with experience
Overall Highlights:

Medical/Dental/Life Insurance
401(k), with employer match
Wage growth after successful cross-training
Full time, year-round work with overtime opportunities
Medical/dental/vision benefits after 90 days; 401k with a company match after 60 days; 10 paid holidays
Weekly pay
A workplace that values safety, respect, employee engagement, recognition and diversity
Please let me know if you need any additional information!

All three businesses said is not required.