They are an annual problem across the country and this year is one of the worst.

"Right now is typically when we see Japanese beetle feeding ramp up for the year," says Haley Shoemaker of the Ohio State Extension, Mahoning County.  

Japanese beetles seem to be everywhere this time of the year and they could pose a serious risk to plants and shrubs around your home.

"Most of what the adults are doing are creating an annoyance in the appearance of the plant. So when adults feed you see almost the lacey skeletonized leaf remnants left behind because they like that soft tissue of the leaf," adds Shoemaker. 

Shoemaker also adds that Japanese beetles feed on over 300 varieties of different plants. If they're an issue for you, there are some common and inexpensive fixes you can find at your local hardware store.

"Liquids and powders to put on and help kill or deter them from being on your plants. Some of these other products are systemic meaning you mix them up with water, and throughout the season it brings those chemicals in so the stuff you sprayed on doesn't get washed on it's actually inside the plant," says Kevin Molek with Handyman Hardware of Austintown. 

While there are plenty of household remedies and inexpensive fixes to control Japanese beetle populations, one common fix might not be as effective as you think.

"What it often does is attracts many more beetles than it often catches. If you don't have a Japanese beetle problem in extreme portion and you bring a trap in most likely you're going to attract more than you would like," says Shoemaker.