Two men are charged with drug possession after a traffic stop in Coitsville of Friday night.

Officers say they pulled over Michael Schmidt, 41, of New Castle, after noticing his head lights were off in addition to making an improper turn. Luis Diaz Maldonado, 23, of Youngstown, was in the passenger seat.

Reports say that police ran the car's license plate and discovered it was fake.

The officer approached the vehicle and noticed the passengers rummaging around the center console. According to the police report, the officer asked the two men to step out of the vehicle.

The report notes that the officer noticed large bulges in each of Schmidt's pant pockets. Schmidt told the officer that it was $4,000 cash from his unemployment.

Upon searching the vehicle, reports say police located a plastic bag containing heroin, crack cocaine, and powder cocaine.

Police immediately arrested Schmidt. When they advised Moldonado that he would also be arrested, Moldonado attempted to flee. The police report says that they were able to catch him and place him under arrest.

Upon further inspection of the car, police say they also found a small amount of marijuana and paraphernalia. The cash found in the vehicle and on Schmidt's person totaled $7,284.

Schmidt and Maldonado are being held at Mahoning County Jail without bond. Maldonado is also charged with resisting arrest.