Warren detectives are investigating a shooting at a Trumbull Metropolitan Housing Authority complex that landed one man in the hospital.

A woman called 9-1-1 at around 9:30 p.m. Tuesday to report that two men were shooting at each other in a parking lot at Trumbull Homes on the 2000 block of North Feederle Dr. Se.

The witness told police that one of the vehicles involved left the scene so quickly, it nearly struck her car.

Police say the victim, a 42-year-old Sixth Street man, walked into Trumbull Regional Medical Center where he was being treated for what the police report describes as a major injury.

21 News has reached out to detectives for an update on the victim’s condition but has not heard back.

Investigators say they found a bullet hole in the roof of the victim’s car and recovered two .45 caliber rounds.

The shooting location is three blocks from Willard PK-8 School and a public park.