David Synder or as everyone calls him Davey, retired from the Springfield fire department after 56 years of service. 

The Springfield Township trustees threw a big party for him to celebrate his time.

"His devotion to the community has been unprecedented. He's given even when no one else could or would. What he has done has been a[[reciated by so many people," said Bradley Stacy, A Springfield Trustee.

Davey started in May of 1965, right after he turned 18 years old. From the mid 70's to the late 80's, Synder worked his way up to fire lieutenant. After his time as a lieutenant, he settled his way into being a fireman. Over the years, he had his ups and downs but always loved coming to work and doing what was needed.

"It's been rewarding especially when we can get there quick enough to save a person's house from burning down so they can rebuild it. Also saving someone's life made everything worth it," said David Synder.

Synder plans to stay involved within the community by helping with fish fry and different organizations throughout the community.