A 22-year-old mom has started serving a month-long sentence after being convicted of child endangering for the second time this year.

Cheyanne Busse reported to the Mahoning County jail on Monday.

Austintown Police say Busse’s three-year-old boy was found wearing pajama shorts and no shoes walking a dog along Cedarwood Drive at around 10 a.m. on June 22.

A resident said the boy was “crying for his mommy,” so she brought him to her home and called the police.

A UPS driver told an officer that a woman appeared to be looking for her child on the next street over. That’s where a crying Busse waived down police and said she was looking for her son.

According to the police report, dispatchers never received a call from Busse about her missing son.

Busse claimed she had been sleeping when her son must have unlocked the door and walked out. She said the boy couldn’t have been gone for more than ten minutes.  That claim conflicts with information from the woman that found the boy, who told police she had been with the child for twenty minutes.

Busse told officers she was going to jail because she had been arrested for child endangering recently in Trumbull County.

The mom was referring to an incident in April when her son wandered from their Depot Street home in Mineral Ridge and was found at the Dollar General parking lot on Route 46 at 8:30 in the morning.

The child was only wearing a diaper and was carrying a blanket when someone found him.

For that incident, Busse pleaded guilty to child endangering, was fined $1,000, and was placed on probation.