Motorcycle Ohio presented the "Saved by the Helmet Award" to a Youngstown man who survived a serious crash while wearing his helmet.

On July 25 of last year, a vehicle turned left in front of John Wagner on the corner of Fairground Boulevard and Route 224 in Canfield, sending him at least 15 feet in the air.

Wagner fractured his pelvis, but his helmet saved his life.

The award is given throughout the year to those who survive serious crashes while wearing a helmet.

Motorcycle Ohio hopes that acknowledging riders who wear protective gear will help to promote and increase awareness of the life-saving value of motorcycle helmets.

Wagner says, "What I recommend is that they wear the gear for the simple fact that I'm standing here for wearing the gear telling them that I survived a crash, and a very high impact crash. If it wasn't for the gear that I had on I wouldn't be recognized today and we wouldn't be doing this video right now."

The Ohio State Patrol says from 2016 through the beginning of September 2021, the state recorded 1,025 motorcycle-related fatalities, 73% of those individuals weren't wearing a helmet.  

Ohio has over 400,000 registered motorcycles, 600,000 endorsed riders, and issues 40,000 motorcycle permits per year.