Sebring kindergarteners will be starting out the school year equipped with fresh supplies and new backpacks. 

The United Local Way Success by 6 program donated new backpacks filled with school supplies to Sebring local school district's kindergarten classes. The Success by 6 summer program helps prepare incoming kindergarten students socially, emotionally and academically for school. 

Individuals, businesses and organizations have been continually making a difference for Sebring students and classrooms with donations of school supplies. 

Sue Sanor, owner of Leonard's Hardware for over 15 years, has collected school supplies for B.L. Miller elementary school from local community members. 

Jill Dennis, Sebring's CARE Team Coordinator describes Sanor's passion, saying "Sue believes 'giving should be contagious, not involving just one person, but involving the community.'"

And sure enough, the community has continued to provide for students and their families. "I have so many people and groups who assist in many ways throughout the year," says Dennis. "Just the number of those providing support for supplies is quite a long list!"

Supplies collected at Dollar General in Beloit and Leonard's Hardware was available for students to pick up at each building's open house at the start of the school year. 

Over 40 backpacks filled were supplies were provided to the students, with the United Way's Success by 6 program also provided 25 supply-filled backpacks to new kindergarten students and B.L. Miller. The Sebring K-9 Association also put together more than a dozen backpacks with supplies from donations by Children of the Village in need. 

First grade Sebring students received backpacks with supplies, and socks, as part of a new reading program through the United Way. Volunteers through the United Way will be reading with some of the districts first grade students each week through the Raz-Kids interactive digital library. 

The Salvation Army of Sebring also provided students with Back to School vouchers that can be used for clothes, school supplies, or anything else students way need for school. The Salvation Army donates additional supplies throughout the year, and has been providing supplies for over 20 years. 

"The availability of school supplies has allowed our students and teachers to start the year focused on learning," says Toni Viscounte, Sebring Superintendent. "We're so grateful to have a community that supports our students, teachers, and our district so generously."